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Why is Foot Reflexology Good For You?

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Foot reflexology is type of treatment that uses the application of pressure on the feet to release tension and stimulate pressure points that are connected to different organs of the body. While foot reflexology is not officially included in the medical canon, it has long been a part of Asian healing traditions and has been widely practiced in countries like China, Thailand and Singapore. Additionally, increasing number of studies are providing consistent support of the medicinal benefits of foot reflexology, including the following:

Induces Relaxation

One of the most common reasons why people have foot reflexology is because it helps them relax, much like the effect of a simple foot massage. However, unlike a typical foot massage, foot reflexology targets specific spots on the foot, which is believed to stimulate chemical changes in the body that lead to reduced muscle pain and stress. Practitioners of foot reflexology in Singapore do not just treat the feet and legs but work to make the whole body feel better.

Regulates Body Functions

In countries where foot reflexology is commonly practiced, clients experience better physiological functions after undergoing a session. In such places, which include Singapore, foot reflexology is often used to treat irregular conditions like constipation and abdominal cramps. Foot reflexology works by putting pressure on reflexes on the feet connected to the affected or pained part of the body.

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Improves Blood Circulation

According to the Singapore Heart Foundation, about a fifth of the people in Singapore suffer from high blood pressure. By putting gentle pressure on particular areas of the feet, foot reflexology improves blood circulation by normalizing blood flow throughout the body and especially to vital organs. Additionally, because organs get their nutrients and energy from the blood, foot reflexology makes the body healthier by way of good blood circulation.

Helps in Aging

A study of middle-aged women found that those who regularly take foot reflexology treatments report higher life satisfaction, experience less stress, have better immune system and are generally healthier. In addition, foot reflexology is especially beneficial to women who are undergoing menopause as it helps decrease anxiety and depression, as well as other symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.

Improves Pain Management

Using EEG, it was found that patients start feeling better almost immediately after a reflexologists starts working. Under reflexology, the body produces endorphins (chemicals that make us feel good), which blocks pain signals from the brain. Some illnesses where foot reflexology may be used to help lessen pain include foot ulcers, artery disease, post-operative pain, and even cancer. While foot reflexology should not replace proper medication, doctors in Singapore believe it is indeed beneficial.

Treats Simple Ailments

In Singapore, foot reflexology is a known remedy for a variety of non-serious ailments, including headache, asthma and back pain. This is related to how reflexology reduced muscle tension, which is an aggravator of these maladies.


Foot reflexology also provides an excellent treatment for insomnia. It is commonly used to help clients obtain complete and satisfactory rest naturally, which is considerably safer and healthier than drug therapy. Another benefit of foot reflexology to the mind is that when specific reflex points on the foot are triggered, clients feel increased mental clarity.